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  1. Giving Insomnia that Neural Nudge – Part One

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    We are going to talk about a Meditative, Metacognitive, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Behavioural theory for Nudging our Insomnia and rewriting the scripts of our lives as part of the sleepless generation. 


    There are so many websites and tools, techniques and medicines, healers and witchdoctors that claim to cure insomnia. In fact, there is an entire industry around insomnia. In my experience, most, if not all, offer anything far from a cure but they are usually just a temporary fix at best. They may work for a day or even a week or two, but over time the effects tend to wear off. 

    There are some alternative medicines that have benefits and provide some rest bite for insomnia. But again, very few offer a cure. These are often dependent on the individual, and some of them work for some people, some of the time and not others. We are all different. Treatments are also dependent upon the level of effort and willingness to change that the recipient is willing to go through.

    The reason I like and have studied, trained in NLP and over the last 10 years become a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistics to master level, is because it is very forward thinking technology. Instead of regressing to the past, talking about my relationship with my mother, it asks me to focus on what I am thinking about right now, how I am thinking about it and the words, images and senses I am using to experience my world around that thought and experience. I then become more aware of what this does to my thinking, my emotional and physiological state and more in real time, I become metacognitive. It also looks to program in a compelling future. 

    On top of this, it gives me a set of tools, technologies and techniques to help me remap or reprogram by thinking and feelings to help me cope with life experiences and improve my mental and physical well-being. 

    Maybe I prefer this approach over psychoanalysis because I have some demons in my past, but even so of all the psychotherapies, it is the one, that works for me. I have found, that it helps me to look forward in a positive way to help move beyond and make changes without living in the and dwelling in the past. More on the physiological and psychological effects of this as we delve deeper. 

    The reason for writing this blog or whatever it turns out to be is not to say this is the one and only cure for insomnia, not to dis or knock any of the other remedies out there but rather to offer a thought and theory on an alternative way of thinking and approaching insomnia. 

    The reason is simply that it may work for you as it has for me. For that reason, it has to be worth writing. It has worked for me, and I mix in some other techniques which I define as Metacognitive NLP because it is a mixture of meditation, mindfulness, being present in the now and neurolinguistics programming techniques. It also includes some thoughts and ideas from the science of decision theory and behavioural economics in understanding why we do the things we do. Metacognition for these purposes is defined as thinking about thinking or becoming aware of our own thoughts as they happen. 

    In short NLP and meditation has changed my life. They have done this in many different ways including my personal and working lives. They have changed my outlook and mindset, and as such, along the way, have all but cured my insomnia. 

    NLP is not sleep-hypnosis

    The first and main point I have to make is that when I talk about/write about using metacognitive training and NLP for insomnia, I am not just talking about writing a bunch of techniques that will help you fall asleep. If you want to find something like that because you are desperate to sleep right now then just go on to YouTube, you will find something. No,those types of hypnotic or meditative techniques may bring about short-lived success but what I am looking to equip you with is some tools that can have a lasting impact. 

    What I am talking about is a bunch of techniques designed around changing your mindset around sleep, around your feelings towards insomnia and life in general and by making these changes elsewhere, seeing the improvement in yourself and importantly in your sleep. 

    The neuron’s that fire together wire together. You may have heard that before but what does it mean? And what does that mean for insomniacs and dealing with insomnia?  Well, this is one of the subjects we will explore here. 

    In my next blog in this series, we will look at addressing the elephants in the room.


    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels